A photo taken at the Huron Church Camp

Programs, Dates and Prices

 These are the 2018 dates and rates for Tale As Old As Time

One-week theme Camps  Grades 1-8, ages 6-14            

$500 + $65.00 HST



Our one-week camps for school aged children will explore our 2018 theme Tale As Old As Time in our activities, worship and daily living...

July 8 - 14                Long Ago and Far Away   filling up!       

July 15 - 21              Tall Tales               

July 22 - 28            To Infinity and Beyond!  

August 5 - 11          All in a Dream        Limited spaces depending on age and gender - please email us huronchurchcamp@gmail.com   

August 12 - 18       By the Firelight          Limited spaces depending on age and gender - please email us 

August 19 - 25       Even to This Day       Limited spaces dpending on age and gender - please email us


Senior Camp          Grade 8                             

$1200. + $156.00 HST

SR1 July 8 - 21       or SR2 August 5- 18, 2018  

This is a two-week camp! Participants remain on camp over the weekend and will engage in their own program, have a chance to relax and do some laundry. We will provide the detergent and if they have never done their own laundry - they will learn! Sr Camp is not a requirement for doing Leader in Training next summer but it is a great way to find out what it is like to live closely with others for a more extended period of time!


Leader in Training         Grades 9 & 10                     

$1800. + $234.00 HST

LIT1 July 8-28, 2018   

or August 5 -25, 2018    full

This three-week camp is year one of a two-year progression through a very fun and challenging leadership program. All first year participants will be going on a week-long hike in Bruce Peninsula Provincial Park for which they will need sturdy walking shoes, wool socks, two one-litre water bottles and a light, easy to pack and carry sleeping bag.



LIT2  July 8 - 28, 2018       

or August 5 - 25, 2018          full                                   

This three-week camp is year two of a two-year progression through our fun, challenging leadership program! All second year participants will spend much of their time with the campers, helping out and observing them at their various ages and stages of growth and development. Sessions are geared towards preparing them to be servant leaders at HCC and beyond. In their third week they will have the opportunity to be placed alongside our Cabin Staff, living and working with a group of campers! Those who complete this week-long placement qualify for 40 hours of community service, when their form is signed by the camp Director.