A photo taken at the Huron Church Camp



From Richard:

This is my annual fundraiser for the kids at Huron Church Camp. I think this is year 14. (actually Richard we think it's 15 ... and you have raised over $285,000.00!)

This year my daughter Laura and I will be running the 2019 Liverpool, England half-marathon together on May 26, 2019.

We are asking for pledges for this run to help support Huron Church Camp's bursary fund...all proceeds will go directly towards sending kids to HCC who might not otherwise have the means to get there. And if you want to double your pledges to acknowledge there are two of us doing this, we are good with that!

So, it's Liverpool for the second time. Who'd have thought I'd still be doing this When I'm Sixty-Four? Hard to Imagine, especially as my osteopath says I Should Have Known Better by now. But it's only A Day in the Life, and as long as things Come Together, I think We Can Work It, at least for 21.1 Km. My wonky knee is Getting Better and I've even bought new Sauconies for this year, as the Old Brown Shoe I wore last year has worn out. Laura and I just hope it's a Good Morning Good Morning. We'll say a little prayer to the Sun King and hopefully, it won't Rain. Anyway....

The camp is such a good, vital place for kids. More and more, we see kids who have never been out of the city, or kids who need respite from unhealthy home situations. Any of you who have been or whose kids have been know what a life-changing week or two at camp can provide...You can check out the camp website here at 


If you are inclined to sponsor a child for a week, a week's camp registration fee is $510 + HST (still a relative bargain) .... and the average bursary runs a little over $400.00.  Any donation is great.....

All donations will be receipted and cheques may be made out to Huron Church Camp. Please mark all cheques "Camp Run".  Please forward donations to

Richard Doyle,
c/o Kent Group Ltd.,
367 Princess Ave.
London Ontario N6B 2A7.