A photo taken at the Huron Church Camp


May 19, 2020

Dear Camp Families and Friends:

In the wake of the COVID-19 Pandemic it seems that the only certainty we have is our uncertainty. When will this sheltering in place ever end? When will we see loved ones, colleagues, friends, school-mates...co-counsellors, cabin- mates? Will we even have a summer this year?

We now know that summer camps will not be operating this summer as per Premier Ford's announcement today.

Even as we see restrictions being slowly lifted, the maintenance of required physical distancing would have greatly limited our ability to safely gather in community. A shared life of eating, praying, playing, singing and story-telling, filled with giggles and loud belly laughs, shouting and whispers, hugs and tear-wiping, high fives and giving one another a hand up...even chasing the gaga ball, all drawing us into close proximity to one another, are out of the question.

We totally agree that we should not take a chance on our young people, both our staff and children. After a wonderful time at camp we fully expect our campers to take home stories, memories, crafts, special stones and perhaps someone else's socks - we do not want them to take home an illness that could harm them or get passed on to a vulnerable relative.

We are broken-hearted. We were so looking forward to seeing you this summer.

We are providing these options for families who have registered.

  1. Full Refund – We know that many families are struggling financially during this crisis. If you require a refund, this will be provided via your original method of payment. If an agency or church paid for your child those funds will be refunded directly to them.
  2. Donation – For those who are able, we hope you will consider donating some, or all, of the amount already paid. Even though we are not running a camp program there are fixed costs associated with the care of the site and maintaining a forward momentum for exciting, fun-filled years to come. Any donation you could make would help! A tax receipt will be given for every donation made.

Please fill in this very short form by June 1, 2020

Should you wish to review your payments and account, please log in to your parent portal or contact me at 519-434-6893 ext 217 or huronchurchcamp@gmail.com

We know there will be lots of questions about the 2021 season, especially for SR Camp and LITs hoping to take steps towards more responsibility and leadership. In the coming days we will be working on this and other updates. Until we see each other again, please know this. We stand in an ever- widening circle of faith, fun and friends, a circle that stretches out to wherever each of us finds ourselves. We are bound together in this circle of love and trust, caring for one another and for all of God's creation. We are sad and so disappointed. But in uncertain times this is certain. We will meet again. We live in the hope that this most wondrous and holy place will be waiting for us. God is all around us and deep within us waits with us too.

With deep affection and in the name of God who welcomed, blessed and served little ones,


Rev'd Canon Gerry Adam, Deacon and Director