A photo taken at the Huron Church Camp


We still have lots of room for campers in our upcoming camp July 21-27th! Come join us! There is also space in our fourth one-week camp, August 4-10 and ourlast camp, August 19-24! August Senior Camp and our fifth one-week camp are full. If you have any questions call 519-434-6893 ext 217 or email huronchurchcamp@gmail.com Avoid disappoinment and register today by clicking on the blue circle in the top right corner!




 Crickets chirp, birds tweet, bees buzz. Breezes blow, leaves rustle, waves crash! Screen doors slam, guitars strum, the campfire crackles. Campers run, splash, shout outloud and whisper softly. What wonderful sounds – music to God’s ears. Follow the joyful noise to HCC!  With feet stomping, hands clapping, hearts beating and many voices raised, let’s join a chorus of friendship, welcome and belonging, Sung Together - all of us, all creatures, all creation.