A photo taken at the Huron Church Camp



Huron Church Camp is a sacred and joy-filled place. We provide children and youth with a safe, nurturing and inclusive environment in which to encounter and celebrate the wonder and adventure of themselves and God’s creation. Established in 1946 at our present site in Bayfield Ontario, HCC is owned and operated by the Diocese of Huron, part of the Anglican Church of Canada.

The Diocese of Huron believes that the ministry of residential youth camping as offered at HCC has a significant impact in building up the body of Christ. The Diocese believes this ministry, occurring in the midst of God’s natural creation, is a commitment to the broader mission of the Diocese in preparing God’s people to live their personal mission.

 The mission of Huron Church Camp is …


To proclaim the Good News of the Kingdom. We extend the life and mission of the Christian church in an outdoor setting. We daily and actively relate the Christian life to the whole person - body, mind, emotions and spirit.


To teach, baptize and nurture new believers. We help campers of all ages come to know God, themselves, and others in meaningful ways. We recognize, use, and develop the gifts of believers by providing a safe and secure Christian learning environment in the midst of the beauty of nature. We provide opportunities for campers to make decisions and become disciples of Jesus.


To respond to human need by loving service. We bring individuals together to be a part of an environment of love. We learn respect and love in authentic community.


To seek to transform unjust structures of society. We celebrate the dignity of every human being. We challenge Christians to become involved in daily mission in their world.


To strive to safeguard the integrity of creation and sustain and renew the life of the earth. We immerse campers in the wonder, beauty and mystery of God's creation.




We invite you to see the camp in all its summertime glory! Located just south of Bayfield Ontario we enjoy a site that combines grassy fields, shady woods, leafy ravines, and a sandy beach on the sunny shores of Lake Huron. What an awesome place to experience the wonder of God’s abundant gift to us in creation!


When campers arrive at 4:00 pm on Sunday our friendly staff, including two registered nurses, greets them. They are welcomed into their cabin by at least two counsellors who will live, work and play alongside them during the week. After just enough time to pick a bunk and meet the other members of their cabin group, they’re off on a journey of learning and fun as they participate in sessions like sports, games, arts and crafts, Journeys (our Christian education component), beach, archery, music or drama, canoeing, nature and outdoor adventures! 


Won't you come and join us?






















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